Quiet times with God are so important on various levels. Think about it. You are spending time alone with God. Your time with the Lord can have a big impact on your life. Quiet times can be spent listening for the things He has to say, talking with Him, reading the Bible and so much more! We all know reading the Bible can be boring and hard to understand, but that’s a good reason to ask Him for the interpretation of what your reading. Just by spending time with Him you can get to know God’s heart.

So what are some benefits to quite times? The benefits according to Pastor Greg Burdine’s article, “8 Benefits of having a daily Quiet Time” include…

1. Peace

2. Joy

3. Fulfillment

4. Direction

5. Power/Strength

6. Stability

7. Success

8. Answered Prayer

Read Greg’s personal blog at http://gregburdine.com/8-benefits-daily-quiet-time/.

More benefits include faith, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and self confidence as according to http://stepswithgod.com/7-benefits-quiet-time/.

One of the hardest things I struggle with is being consistent in spending time with the Lord. Many times, I’ve noticed that when I neglect my quiet times I become more stressed, worried and have bad days. When I spend time with God I am more content and happy in life. I go through times where I am consistent and inconsistent. Many of us can relate in various ways; we are always busy juggling life with family, friends, employment or in some other way. Here are some questions to think about…

1. How often do you spend time with God?

2. How can we be intentional in making time with the Lord?

3. How do we accomplish that?

Make sure to stay tuned for the next post which will include helpful ways you can be intentional with your quiet times and more.”

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