Did you know there are at least 2 ways creativity can be used? The first way is through creative worship. The second is through pictures. Part 1 will cover creative worship. Part 2 will cover how creativity benefits you or others, but first I want to tell you a little about myself.

I was born and raised in Michigan. Lived in or near a small town most of my life. Graduated college with an associates in Graphic Design. Spent around 3-4 years doing missions through an organization called Youth With A Mission. Through this organization I’ve been to Thailand, Malaysia, China, Mongolia and a few other places overseas for outreaches.

Missions for me is a life changing experience! I tell you this not so I can brag, but so you can get to know me as a writer. Now that I’ve introduced myself some I leave you with Part 1 of, “2 Ways You Can Use Creativity”.

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