A Poem-Dance With You

Dance With You

-Written 8/26/11

I know you are near

Your arms hold me tight

I have no more fear

I have won the fight

The darkness once held me

Getting stronger by the hour

Now I’ve been set free

Only by God’s awesome power!

Death is no longer within’

In my heart you stay

Your love covers my sins

My sins are washed away

Your melody is so beautiful

I praise you my King

Your love is so plentiful

Here’s what I will bring

Before you I will stand

Though my words are few

I hold out my hand

I will dance for you

Spending time with you alone

The fire stays well lit

Your arms are like home

Our hands; they perfectly fit

You whisper to me softly

Heart beating in my chest

Words so sweet and lovley

They comfort to give rest

Your presence I can feel

Your spirit I can see

I know you are real

You are all I need

You are my Heavenly Father

You planted me a seed

I’m giving you the honor

I want you to lead

Your melody is so beautiful

I worship you my King

Your love is so wonderful

Here’s what I will bring

Before you I will stand

In love with you too

LORD give me your hand

I will dance with you

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