Over a year ago God gave me this song to write. Time has passed and I believe now is the time to start getting this song out to worship leaders to use in the church.

So if your a worship leader and would like to use this song for church and believe the Lord wants you to use this song you may do so! For lyrics and chords just message me via the contact sections on the home page or contact page.

I have named the song, “All that I Do.” So how did this song happen? Anyone that knows me knows I have a hard time writing good quality lyrics or coming up with poems. Writing instrumentals always came much easier, but as soon as I start writing lyrics I have difficulty.

What makes it harder is that I tend to be a perfectionist lyrically at times. Somehow, God gave this song which caught peoples attention.

I remember one of my previous students heard the chorus during the writing process. She asked me who the song was by and I told her I was in the process of writing it.

She heard the entire song when it was finished and from there she gave me the idea to sing the chorus and the bridge at the same time. We would practice together.

I would do the bridge while she sang the chorus. So from sitting there thinking of different ways to strum or sing somehow this awesome song came about. I have used it as a special for a church on a missions outreach in Asia.

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