We’ve all heard it said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In my experience I have found that statement true. At different times I have found that a picture I create whether it be a drawing, painting or photograph has been useful. God used each picture to bring healing, encourage or speak to someone. So how can a picture bring healing, encourage or be used for God to speak to someone?

In my Discipleship Training School I was given an assignment to ask God for a picture to draw and color. I was to also ask who that picture was for. While waiting for an answer the thought popped up to draw a brown house including a front porch with green grass and a river flowing nearby. Little did I know that picture would be used to bring healing to one of my classmates.

When she saw that picture it brought back a memory of a bad experience she had at a house like that in her past. Through that I got the opportunity to pray for her and let God heal her. Later I found out that very same picture encouraged another classmate that same day!

At a different time the Lord told me to draw a heart, write, “God loves you,” paint it red and send a picture text to one of my friends. When she saw it she told me she cried and that she needed to hear that God loved her. Through that picture and God’s words she was encouraged and it helped her when she was going through a rough time. In my next blog post I will share someone else’s testimony of how God used my photographs to speak to her.

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