What do you think of when you hear the word, “Worship”? Do you think worship is just singing to God and/or playing instruments on a stage in front of a crowd? Even if we are worshiping God do we do so just to go through the motions or do we worship from the heart? Normally people worship with just music and/or words, but I discovered worship comes in different ways.

I asked the Lord one night how worship should go for students and staff participating the next day. He spoke to me and said He wanted us to get creative using art. All this included painting, drawing, writing, singing, playing music and photography. The Lord also showed me that worship comes from the heart.

As a child you have probably drawn or painted pictures to give to your mom, dad or someone you love. At that worship session being creative was like that example of simply choosing to draw, paint or create something from our heart to give to God who is our Father. Even just by having this freedom to choose to worship one of our leaders joyfully discovered something new that she enjoyed doing!

Now that you have an idea of what creative worship is I want to challenge you to create something! Your skill level doesn’t matter because the Lord loves it all! Even if it’s not for the Lord, just do it! You may be surprised at what comes out of that creativity.


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