Did you know there are many Christians around the world who are persecuted? What do you know about the persecuted church? Places such as N. Korea, China, Somalia and Iraq persecute Christians by holding them prisoner, beating or killing them. You can see it on the news, read it in the newspaper, hear it on the radio or by word of mouth. Why is it important to know about Christian persecution? First, getting educated about these things can help us know how to pray for those going through persecution. Second, it opens our eyes to see what goes on in the world. Third, it gives us a chance to see that prayer changes things.

When I think of persecution I think about Paul in Acts. Beginning in Acts 8:1-3 we see that Saul gave approval for Stephens death, destroys churches and goes from house to house putting people in prison. In Acts Ch. 9 we then see Saul become a new man. Instead of persecuting Christians he became a man of the opposite nature with a new name; Paul. Paul went on to preach the Gospel after his conversion and loved people. People heard about Paul’s conversion and were amazed at his transformation! God can change a persons heart. Even those who persecute Christians. What are your thoughts on this? Stay tuned to read “Persecution in the Name of Christ Part 2.” Part 2 will cover one mans testimony of his experience in a N. Korean prison.

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