2 Ways You Can Use Creativity Part 3

2 Ways You Can Use Creativity Part 3

Here is one of my friends testimony in her own words of how God used my photography to speak to her.

“And there I find You in the mystery… You’ve never failed – And You won’t start now.” The Lord told me to pack a beautiful dress for my trip. My first thought – “Why God, like am I going to meet someone (🤵?) “ then “Well, it would be super awesome to have someone take super cute photos of me barefoot on the beach.” I even told my coworkers this, to which they replied, “Well, just pack the dress and put your phone on a timer.” My thought – “Laaame.” But I pack the dress anyway.

Welllll, my first day in Jacksonville, my lovely YWAM tour guide aka CJ – not knowing any of this – turns to me and tells me how she has recently taken up professional photography and was wondering if I would mind modeling for her. The following is a result our wonderful time and the Lord’s divine goodness. He has been leading me into embracing my feminine beauty, and I feel like these photos capture just how he sees me.

He loves me when I’m salty and when I rage like the sea – my emotions never challenge his love for me.
His love drives me to rest, guides me to my best – this unending love I need never second guess.

I can’t wait to spend eternity diving into Your mystery. 💙”

© crislynphotography 

© crislynphotography

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